May 27, 2021

Cross Promote with Thinking is Cool

Cross Promote with Thinking is Cool

We are looking for cross promotion partners to grow our audience!

Kinsey Grant and Josh Kaplan started Thinking Is Cool to ensure your next conversation is better than your last. By focusing on the conversations that are actually worth having, Kinsey is going to arm this generation with nuance, context, and the time and space to recognize voices other than our own. As the host of Thinking Is Cool, Kinsey is going to make you think harder about things that matter. 


Things like this: Is Facebook really as bad as we’ve made it out to be? How amazing will it feel to go to a crowded bar again? Does working for a morally bankrupt company make you morally bankrupt? Should billionaires exist? What’s the future of America’s political parties? How can we make porn suck less?


To answer some of our generation’s biggest questions, Kinsey is getting back to her roots: a podcast, a newsletter, and a community built brick by brick with each of you. Every week, you’ll join me on my personal journey to answer one of these big questions. Kinsey will talk to experts, do a metric shit ton of research, reflect on what she learns, and ask even more questions.


OK, here’s our media output:

  • A weekly podcast with new episodes every Monday
  • Twice weekly newsletter, 3k subscribers with a 50% open rate as of 5/27

And here’s what we’d like to do:

  • Cross promote with newsletters and podcasts that have Gen Z and Millennial audiences


Email to learn more.