April 22, 2022

Coachella isn't just about the music anymore

Coachella isn't just about the music anymore

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The word "spectacle" can take on plenty of meanings both good and bad, but when it comes to Coachella? No dictionary entry fits better. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a spectacle in every sense of the word—from the $8 million artist payouts to Revolve Festival, the annual desert gathering has morphed into a business enterprise beyond compare.

To understand how (if?) Coachella makes money, what the event means for the music industry, and why everything is a GD branding moment, I brought in an expert: Dan Runcie, founder of Trapital, a fantastic newsletter and podcast exploring the business and culture of the music industry.

Today, Dan and I talk about Coachella's prevalence in both music and our economy more broadly. And I only mention Harry Styles like 4 times.

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Thanks for listening :) fingers crossed Harry brings out someone cool this weekend!