April 22, 2022

Mark Cuban explains his American dream

Mark Cuban explains his American dream

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Here's just like 53 minutes of billionaire Mark Cuban hyping you up on the universal possibility of achieving greatness.

Kidding, but only kind of. It's really an interview with Mark during which we explore what the American dream means in a modern context today—what his version of the dream looks like, how he failed to achieve the dreams he had as a kid, what this country can do to make the "dream" possible for all, and more.

And finally, as is tradition in my conversations with Mark, I pester him about a presidential run. Cuban Grant 2028?

A few notes! This is the extended cut of an interview featured in my recent video about the American dream (watch here: https://youtu.be/TE2O7-q7tL4). And it's the first of many interviews I'm planning in an effort to parse through what's broken about the American dream ethos in an effort to build something better. That more perfect future, if you will.

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