I’m Kinsey Grant, journalist and host of Thinking Is Cool, the show designed to make your next conversation better than your last. Over the last 6 months, I’ve taken on divisive companies from Barstool to Facebook, considered the future of everything from climate activism to dating, and questioned all manner of ideas from joining Greek life to living forever.

It’s been a solid 2 seasons of producing Thinking Is Cool all by my lonesome, but in the coming year, I’m ready to take the show to the next level with the help of a super talented editorial assistant.

Think that might be you? Here’s what I’m looking for in a Thinking Is Cool EA: 

  • Experience in journalism and multimedia production. I talk a lot about what I think and feel, but journalism is what powers this show. It doesn’t matter what you’ve covered or where you’ve done it, so long as you can prove you’re a truth-seeker through and through.
  • Demonstrable communication skills. This is at the core of Thinking Is Cool’s ethos—communicating big ideas in relatable, engaging ways. Bonus points if you can communicate on social platforms using the Thinking Is Cool brand voice.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Producing the Thinking Is Cool podcast alongside yours truly. This includes aiding in research (and doing more than just Googling), contributing to and editing scripts, scheduling guest appearances, brainstorming big ideas for episodes, etc. Plus…
    • Managing reader and listener feedback (we’ve got a vocal crew)
    • Managing the Thinking Is Cool editorial calendar
    • Maintaining relationships with our engineer and operations team
  • Building the Thinking Is Cool community. We’re creating a positive, engaged, and growing community for Thinking Is Cool fans (Brainiacs? Thinkers? Name TBD). Your job is to ensure it’s a diverse, safe space for smart people to connect and talk about big ideas in a productive and fun way.
  • Taking the reins on social media. We’re a team that feels strongly about making the internet fun again and we need help doing it—scheduling and posting across platforms for each episode; atomizing Thinking Is Cool content to get it in as many places as possible; editing and sharing posts; orchestrating and tracking organic, creative engagement; coaching me on how to become a TikTok sensation; managing live social events; repurposing content thoughtfully; etc. Basically the works.


  • This is a paid, part-time/contract position (hours TBD—let’s work together)
  • You can work from anywhere. I’m in New York City (obvs).
  • Thinking Is Cool is powered by a nimble, creative team. Joining that team means tapping into a genuinely unique group with a sincere commitment to thinking harder, disagreeing more thoughtfully, and challenging the norm. We’re building something profoundly ~cool~ and we hope you’re down to build it with us.


  • Must know the proper use of media vs. medium. Also their vs. they’re vs. there. Also then vs. than. Basically just be really good at grammar.
  • Must be detail-oriented to an almost painful degree.
  • Must be a self-starter.
  • Must be the kind of person who always did the most work for group projects in school.
  • Must be curious and kind.
  • Must hate the word “hustle.”
  • Must be down to clown sometimes. Must also be serious sometimes, especially when debating who’s worse—John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Must believe that some AP Style rules were meant to be broken.
  • Must be organized.
  • Must thrive in measured chaos.
  • Is the word “must” losing its meaning for you too?
  • Must want to create a more thoughtful world and ask the big questions.


Interested? Apply using this form. I can’t wait to meet you. 

Any questions? Email