April 28, 2022

Ukraine vs. Russia: what comes next & how this ends

Ukraine vs. Russia: what comes next & how this ends

It’s been two months since Russia invaded Ukraine and the world collectively said ”what the f*ck?” 

In those two months, we’ve posted countless Instagram infographics, tried to explain to our parents that rising gas prices actually weren’t President Biden’s fault, and attempted to grapple with a real live land war happening in the year of our lord 2022…which also coincidentally happens to be a year during which our attention spans are at an all-time low.

So how do we stop the news cycle fatigue as Ukraine vs. Russia escalates (and will continue to do so, by many accounts, for years to come)? What lessons can we learn that will guide humanity into the future? Where does America fit into all this? Where do you fit into all this? And how is 9/11 involved?

All that and more, answered today by Marshall Kosloff—podcaster, interviewer, and impressive thinker.

Listen, learn, and start developing your own perspective on this administration’s Ukraine strategy. And think. Because thinking is cool :)

2:21 more about Marshall & his coverage lessons

8:52 today’s lessons from the post-9/11 years

13:13 the American Savior Complex vs. empathy vs. tactical politics

20:24 America’s role in Ukraine

24:24 where does Ukraine vs. Russia go next?

27:55 news fatigue and virtue signaling

38:09 what you think about policy matters!!

41:17 how (if?) it ends

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