What do your most recent ex and the current stock market conditions have in common? They both suck now, but eventually you'll get over it.

That's the sitch, according to Kelsey Willock—cofounder and CEO of Aura, a mindful money management platform. I spoke with her to parse through what, exactly, is going on in the stock market. Because these days, it seems all we can count on is uncertainty.

Listen for a full 411 on today's market conditions, plus some top-shelf analogies about what therapy and sh*tty relationships can teach us about investing.

00:00 intro! & say hi to Kelsey
01:10 putting your losses in context
05:34 investing is like a chaotic bachelorette trip
06:58 how bad could this get?
11:29 how to think for the long term & money stories
18:41 the bitcoin millionaire fallacy
21:38 Kelsey's recs & more about Aura

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