Everyone has a take on the potential overturn of Roe vs. Wade, as they should. Legal action this monumental deserves to be talked about & thought about, publicly and often.

But you know who else feels notably missing from the conversation? The corporations that are so eagerly hiring people to be “a part of the family.” To quote my favorite poet, “I’ve never heard silence quite this loud.”

So where are the capitalists now that the stakes are higher than ever? Let's think about it. From the labor force to equality commitments—today on Thinking Is Cool, the implications of the business world staying quiet on Roe vs. Wade.

00:17 What happened to Roe vs. Wade?
2:20 Where are the corporations tho
3:21 What about those equality efforts?
4:48 The risks of getting involved in the Roe debate
5:25 Zooming it all out
6:47 Did we bring this on ourselves?

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