July 15, 2022

What if web3 *isn't* the future of everything?

What if web3 *isn't* the future of everything?

It's just like my grandpa used to tell me: "If the Twitter bros can't shut up about how much money they're making within the blurry paradigm of a so-called technological revolution, there's probably not much going on there."

Today, let's consider the possible reality that web3, the so-called technological revolution du jour, isn't what its evangelists say it is. What if web3 is just a masterclass in over-promise, under-deliver hype tactics? We consider the answer with Ryan Broderick, writer of the Garbage Day newsletter about web culture and host of The Content Mines podcast.

Think we're wrong about where web3 is going? You know where the comments section is.

Like my jewelry in that intro bit? It's sweat-proof, which is exactly what I need with a thumbnail that says "web3's flop era." It's from OXB—feast your eyes on their gorge selection here: https://bit.ly/3PkZIkd

00:22 hello Ryan :)

01:42 web3 is not the future

04:41 dissecting the "web3 bro"

07:24 the web3 hype train

12:21 barriers to entry

15:32 actual web3 use cases

22:11 "political leviathans"

26:23 web3 as a political tool

32:03 the future of web3


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I flexed on 'em with a mention of the Gartner Hype Cycle, here's what that is: https://www.gartner.com/en/research/m...

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