July 8, 2022

What we get wrong about immigration

What we get wrong about immigration

Turns out the pro-immigration and anti-immigration people *do* have one thing in common: neither group has fully considered the biggest element of coming to America—cost.

On average, it costs as much as $11,000 to gain full citizenship to the U.S., including green card, application for citizenship, legal fees and payments for processors.

So what's to be done? Enter: One Percent for America, a community of lenders, borrowers, and supporters helping to defray the costs of citizenship slowly but surely.

Come for the cool insight into a cool mission...stay for the epiphany I have around the 20-minute mark.

00:10 hello Jaime

1:10 what we're missing in the immigration conversation? cost

4:35 why America? (yes we talk politics)

9:09 America vs. the world

10:23 who gets the money?

15:14 the risks of OPFA

17:37 immigration in a time of tragedy

21:42 the future of immigration & OPFA

Learn more about One Percent For America here: https://www.onepercentforamerica.org/

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