April 6, 2022

Can this friendship survive a debate on capitalism?

Can this friendship survive a debate on capitalism?

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You've seen Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather. You've seen Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. But now, the greatest spectacle of all: Kinsey Grant vs. Josh Kaplan. Two friends, two intellectuals, two dissenting voices in modern capitalism...only one can walk away victorious.

Welcome to the 10-Minute Debate. Today, I (Kinsey Grant, noted reluctant capitalist) take on my friend (Josh Kaplan, noted optimistic capitalist) with one big question in mind: Does power flow the way it should in today's version of late-stage capitalism?

10 minutes for all the glory. Will our friendship survive? Watch to find out.

Hope you love it!! If you did/while you're at it...

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Thank you Josh for being a good sport. And thank you to the orchid for being a paid actor.