Long time listener

I started following Kinsey when she was at Morning Brew and loved her work. I’m happy to see she has her own podcast now and I love the episodes. Each one is better than the last. Keep up the great content, Kinsey!! 👍🏻

Very impressed

I was so sad when Kinsey left BC because her work there was incredible. I have LOVED the topics she has explored on this show so far and really excited to hear more. Definitely worth a listen it will challenge you and give you some great ideas to keep thinking on.

Awesome podcast!!

Great to see Kinsey back with her own podcast! I was always eager to listen to her discussions on Business Casual and was disappointed when she left. 5 stars!!

Absolutely inspiring!

Every minute of every episode has been effortlessly engaging, thorough, well-researched and relatable. Kinsey is vibrant and progressive. She doesn’t shrink away from calling out individuals, companies, industries, etc. and there’s no doubt her voice will inspire insightful conversations and command meaningful change. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Stimulating, Entertaining, and Honest

It is clear that competing business podcasts—struggle as they might—fail to strike the balance between stimulating and entertaining that Kinsey so effortlessly does. A true personality in her own right, Kinsey is funny, relatable, honest, empathetic, and smart. I love seeing a woman, like Kinsey, succeed in this field. I should add, however, that I most appreciate when Kinsey integrates hard facts and statistics of the market or industry that she’s covering, as well as exclusive insights, into her podcasts. She does provide a lot of said research and insider takes but perhaps because I am quite the quantitative person, I would love to hear even more of that context woven into her engaging opinions. Loved business casual (it isn’t the same anymore) and love this new endeavor as well!

One star reviews are fake

The people who left the one star reviews prob own mind geeks. Keep up the good, thoughtful work Kinsey!

Fave Podcast

Best podcast of all time. Anxiously awaiting each weekly episode with Kinsey. Thinking really is cool!


Wow it's amazing to have kinsey back on a show

Stimulating my brain!

I've been following Kinsey since her first episode at the Business Casual Morning Brew podcast. I knew she was talented! I have seen the progression and how she has mastered the interviews. Thinking is Cool podcast is top-notch (episode1) I can't wait for more! I enjoyed the perspective from different angles about the porn industry. Yes, it will make you think!

Strong out of the gate!

Kinsey is razor sharp and brings the heat in the first episode.

All Star

Kinsey Grant is a true talent. Current, sharp, curious, and with a cool factor. Congratulations and well done.

I was worried

I was a little worried when Kinsey left morningbrew, thankfully she is already back and in fine form I may say.

Kinsey ROCKS again!

Again Kinsey and Josh hit it out if the park! Get us thinking, talking and laughing. We need this after the last year living in a pandemic. We need to challenge our minds and Kinsey does it. Great job!!!!

Let’s think together!

Much needed at this time!