June 24, 2022

Make p*rn hot (and ethical) again

Make p*rn hot (and ethical) again

How do you build an erotica company when the odds are systematically stacked against you? You get creative.

That was the ethos for Caroline Spiegel, founder and CEO of the audio erotica app Quinn, when she started the company three years back.

(Real ones remember Caroline from her appearances on the show way back when—I can't get enough what can I say.)

Today, Caroline shares her story, lessons, challenges, and predictions for the future of...ahem...entertainment.

00:45 meet Caroline & Quinn

05:37 on expectations, both of purity & sexuality

09:47 preserving the fantasy

13:13 Quinn's business challenges

15:33 Quinn vs. the world (and p*rn industry)

Follow Caroline here: https://twitter.com/CaroSpiegel

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