I won’t sugarcoat it—if you’re an investor of any kind, it’s been a tough month. Things aren’t great. Red as far as the eye can see. Pandemic superstars imploding in historic fashion. Inflation at generational highs. The Fed doing…Fed things.

That’s reality, and it’s a stark difference from the way things used to be (read: easy). So what might that mean for a generation that both 1) came of age and 2) began investing in record numbers during one of the easiest times to make money in human history?

That’s what I’m talking about today—what’s going on in the economy, and how we’re going to live with it. Don’t panic! Everything’s chiller than you think.

00:19 economic vibe check
2:33 the bubble has burst
4:47 we’re all the stock market?
7:02 your vibes must be off
8:55 how to check yourself

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